Apple Users Harassed With Fraudulent Tech Support Calls

iPhone users are being asked to answer calls with caution after a string of scamming phone calls has been brought to the company’s attention. “If you get an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from Apple, hang up and contact us directly,” Apple said on their website.

The phone calls emulate Apple’s support number and carries an eerie resemblance to the demeanor of speaking with an authentic Apple representative. Fast Company revealed in one of their articles that a colleague personally experienced the misleading phone calls that turned into emails seemingly directly from Apple.

“[S]he received an unsolicited call from Apple’s support phone number, which left an authentic-sounding voicemail. That was followed by several more phone calls and a confirmation email, which linked to Apple’s support page and had a ‘legitimate-looking’ email address,” the article explained. Upon realizing the numerous attempts weren’t from Apple at all, she contacted the corporation and warned them of the occurrence. “The real Apple customer service rep was shocked, and said he’d never seen a situation where scammers had actually used their phone number,” she said.

It seems that these incessant scammers are attempting to acquire users’ usernames and passwords, in addition to having them download software that they ensure is essential for iPhone optimization. Apple urges all account holders to answer calls with caution and never give out their personal information. Anyone experiencing calls such as these are asked to report it directly to Apple.


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