AT&T Unveils Plans For A 5G Hospital

AT&T is making stellar promises in the new year, recently announcing their plan to partner with Rush University Medical Center and produce the first of its kind, a 5G-enabled hospital with all of the latest technology.

“It’s important to begin using 5G technology in health care settings. 5G will ultimately bring faster speeds, lower latency and support the abundance of innovative technologies Rush is currently deploying throughout its system,” the company said.

Dr. Shafiq Rab, senior vice president and chief information officer, Rush University Medical Center and the Rush System for Health, explained, “Imagine sometime in the not too distant future, for example a doctor performing a virtual visit with a patient while downloading an entire MRI scan within seconds. The cutting-edge applications we’re implementing need a fast, reliable network to support them. That’s why we turned to AT&T.”

However, it seems that hospitals aren’t the inly establishments getting the renovated, 5G experience. AT&T is also installing this network at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas — home of the Dallas Cowboys. “5G is expected to alter the in-stadium experience in dramatic, exciting ways by blurring the physical and digital experience in ways that are simply not possible on today’s networks,” Igal Elbaz, AT&T’s senior vice president for wireless technology, said.

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