Your IT house requires the right foundation

Cynexlink clients are set for both security and performance from day one.

Some of our preferred solutions:

Our Expertise, Matched to Your Unique Needs

Data is your most valuable business asset so we approach our work like an accountant does – as a trusted partner and advisor.

Although we have probably helped others with technology issues similar to yours, we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution. First, we learn your business needs, then we build tailored solutions to fit them.


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Any Type of Network.Any Operating System.

Whether your network is on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, we can review and re-architect it or build it from scratch to meet your organization’s objectives.

Our trained and certified team supports Windows, MacOS and combined environments, as well.

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We Ask the Right Questions

Should some data be accessible only by certain employees?
Do you truly need discoverable guest wi-fi?
Is your industry governed by cybersecurity or data preservation regulations?
Are your printers and other network devices available as attack vectors?

Cybersecurity isn’t just about firewalls, antivirus and other familiar tools. It begins with how a network is layered and architected in the first place – one of our greatest strengths.

Building IT is step one. Next, learn how we Manage IT