Cloud Computing & Lurking Cyber Threats


CyNexLink Blog   •   July 24, 2017


Storing databases and software in the Cloud can be an invaluable asset to any company, but it can also be a gateway to indiscriminate theft.

A major trend in the business world is the migration of email servers, data, and other software to cloud-based solutions. The cloud computing market is expected to grow to nearly $200 billion by 2020, according to Forrester, an analyst firm.

For example, take Office 365. There’s a high chance that your business uses it considering it’s expected to surpass 100 million users this year.

Keep Calm

Tremendous amounts of data are being shared on this platform, and the mixing of myriad company’s data together is only increasing.

Users are asking, and rightfully so: Is my content safe in these data centers?

Microsoft has done its job to try and remedy the problem by creating a security add-on, Advanced Threat Protection, or ATP, which creates a bulwark around the communal pot of shared data.

ATP can protect emails from malware and allow safe viewing of attachments without risking the network.

But not so fast, the castle walls can be breached.

No single security platform can protect you from all threats. Cyber crooks can still easily locate and exploit gaps.

A business needs to take a multi-faceted approach to security, including cloud-based encryption, training standards and other security hardware. While each may have its holes, the added layers will cover up those of the other.

The palisade may have its weaknesses, but the added moat and concertina wire will fill in the gaps. Moreover, it’s important to have added security externally from Office in case of system failures.

Some businesses may then ask: why move to the Cloud?

The correct respond to potential cyber security threats is not total alarm and rejection of highly productive and efficient Cloud technology. Cloud computing has a variety of advantages for businesses, such as lower costs and increased employee productivity, and its security protocols are extremely high with such services as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

CyNexLink can help your business develop a multi-layered security strategy as you and your customers approach the Cloud.

The risk of dwelling within the cloud is real and many businesses can take a major financial hit if their security is compromised. Not to mention customer and client trust can be diminished.

When cyber criminals breached Target’s data in 2013, they stole the financial information of more than 40 million customers. In response, customers stopped shopping at the store during the busy holiday season and the company lost 46% in its quarterly profit. The company later estimated it lost $148 million due to the breach.

If customers even suspect that their information is at risk, they will generally take their business elsewhere. If companies want to avoid these standard, yet intricate security mistakes, then they need a strengthened security plan devised by a team of dedicated IT professionals.


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