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CyNexLink Blog   •   August 10, 2017


CyNexLink values speed, efficiency, and customer peace of mind. That is why we have partnered with best-in-class service desk software Autotask to resolve technology issues with breathtaking ease and speed.

No longer will your service ticket or email request for conflict resolution slip through the internet cracks. Our helpdesk system automates requests for resolution in a systematic fashion, ranking problems by their relevant priority, and articulating the necessary technical parameters needed for efficient execution.

CyNexLink has partnered with a service desk software which continues to add strategic ancillary products to complete its vision of being an unparalleled unified service system.

Boasting end-to-end prowess beginning from the conflict stage, moving through the troubleshooting phase, and ending in the summary receipt phase.

Autotask is unified at the device, data, invoice, and reporting levels.

Customer tickets are catalogued and prioritized according to need, and troubleshooting is carefully monitored at every level. CyNexLink employs a system which centralizes information, tracks resolution workflow, and detects infrastructure trends for purposes of improvement.

More importantly still, our systems are capable of self-correcting many of the technological problems your business may run into – remotely! Meaning customers will be unaware of multiple significant repairs and resolutions happening to their network and software systems. Our system automatically receives, tracks, logs, and executes on problems which arise in customer networks.

CyNexLink can and will send complimentary status reports to our customers on what has been repaired surreptitiously.

Consider some of the key reasons why your company or enterprise would benefit from the CyNexLink service desk system:

Streamlined Efficiency

The responder or consulter at your company can submit issues easily, without needing to navigate a complex web of encyclopedic questions. Our automated system gets rid of many things which previous required manual input. On our end, our IT technicians receive the automated request with tailored relevancy, meaning your ticket will never end up in the email bulk of a distant administrator, but will instead go directly to the technician best suited to handle the issue.

Unified Open-Close System

Our service desk portal offers a single, unified point of service – where the customer can track downtime, complexity, variability, and much more. Everything is transparent and catalogued for easy customer user-ability.

Analysis and Tracking

One of our most laudable features. Since all receipts and interactions are automatically recorded, both the customer and CyNexLink can track the time spent resolving tickets, discover trends within the customer’s technology infrastructure, better establish expectations, and much more.

Customers should not have to spend time micromanaging tickets or manually tracking performances, CyNexLink ensures advanced efficiency and peace of mind.


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