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CyNexLink Blog   •   August 11, 2017


Tens of thousands of customers look to CyNexLink’s remote desktop and network monitoring service to provide comprehensive and unified solutions to their ever-pressing IT infrastructure needs.

For chief information officers or the relevant decision makers – those in charge of ensuring an efficient and comprehensive IT infrastructure is in place for their company – deciding between a sea of managed service providers can be a daunting task.

It is therefore critical that the CIO understand what the remote monitoring and management (RMM) marketplace offers, and what approach to employ in separating quality vendors from bad apples.

For us at CyNexLink, we advise that of the managed service providers who offer RMM services, your company choose only the one’s which meet:

  • High speed and within-the-hour response times for any and all end user problems
  • Advanced security protocols during remote troubleshooting sessions
  • Off-hours automated monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting and tracking of usage, connection speed, unification, and more

CyNexLink’s own tenured remote monitoring system comes equipped with layered network security and powerful platform and device integration. We integrate with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS systems, while also offering downloadable Apple and Android applications for smartphone and tablet usage.

Whether your company’s IT infrastructure operates in-house or on the cloud, CyNexLink’s RMM can provide the advanced data-analysis, security, and troubleshooting you need.

More importantly, CyNexLink’s remote monitoring and management system is powered by our artificial intelligence engine which produces advanced multi-layered analytics for purposes of tracking insights and trends. Learn more about our data analytics and artificial intelligence suite.

CyNexLink’s RMM keeps track of every device and platform on your network – including routers, printers, tablets, and much more. Our system runs checks on virtual machines without your being aware for purposes of optimal functionality, while alerting you of any performance or security issues which may arise.

All from the ease of one unified touch point, the end user can keep devices categorized by hostnames, MAC and IP addresses. As a corollary security measure, our administrators recommend granting CyNexLink’s RMM authority to set strict access protocols for personal devices. Known within the industry as Shadow IT, the potential damage to sensitive company information, data, and hardware which can result from indiscriminate use of personal devices is terrifyingly real.

Lastly, with respect to security from within (malware, spam, botnets) and from without (hackers, cybercriminals) your IT infrastructure, CyNexLink’s RMM offers built-in safeguards which prevent and protect your systems, and which meet enterprise standards.

For all of these reasons and much more, find out why thousands of users feel comfortable and secure using CyNexLink’s AI-powered remote monitoring and management system.

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