Facebook To Be Slapped With Record-Setting Fine For Privacy Violation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Amidst the legal turmoil that Facebook is currently facing after a massive breach of user privacy, U.S. regulators have convened to pinpoint an appropriate fine that is expected to be of a record-breaking total. The social media platform is in hot water about failing to uphold their legally binding contract made between the corporation and consumers to protect personal information and data.

The sum is expected to surpass Google’s hefty penalty from 2012 after being ordered to pay $22.5 million dollars for their former infraction. According to The Washington Post, “That fine set a record for the greatest penalty for violating an agreement with the FTC to improve its privacy practices.”

It’s hopeful that within the upcoming weeks a finalized decision will be made and the platform will be forced to pay up as a direct cause of their errors.



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