Four Reasons to Outsource Your IT


CyNexLink Blog   •   June 26, 2017


Outsourcing your IT means delegating non-core business tasks to a specialized external body or company. Paying for a managed service provider in the realm of IT has become an indispensable feature for medium and enterprise businesses.

In fact, this industry is bigger than it ever has been. For many entrepreneurs and business owners, IT services can be a nightmare to manage without the help of tenured and thoroughly involved technicians.

Ergo, many growing businesses are now seeking support from outsourced technicians to help them set up and maintain their IT infrastructure – all the while ensuring that their software and services are of the most contemporary type.

What are the core benefits of IT outsourcing? The pros go beyond this list, but here are just four reasons to outsource your IT needs:

1. Outsourcing saves you time

This is perhaps the most obvious advantage to outsourcing your IT infrastructure, software, cloud, or security needs. With too much to do and not enough time, outsourcing these non-core components of your business is a necessary next step.

Many well-meaning and resourceful decision makers lose when they aim to settle IT problems hastily and without sufficient insight, usually by paying to patch frustrating end-point problems.

Moreover, there is no need to allow yourself to get sidetracked by all the technical IT “stuff”: hardware, network systems, cloud hosting, cyber security, etc.

Instead, use that time to tackle your business goals and market your core-services or products to prospective customers.

Many talented individuals and innovators feel discouraged when starting their own business because they don’t want to invest time in learning the ins and outs of IT set-up and maintenance. Through IT outsourcing, executives and entrepreneurs can regain sound confidence in themselves and their ideas as they entrust the non-essential components of their business to highly-skilled specialists.

Especially for startups, time is truly of the essence. Don’t lose the vision behind your business.

2. Outsourcing provides concentrated relief

In many ways, this is an extension of the first reason. However, it is crucial that entrepreneurs learn this fact: outsourcing IT means more time to focus on core-functions and to organize the specifics of your business. Insourcing IT hinders constancy, progress, and innovation on the part of the technician because they lack the context and critical infrastructure which outsourced organizations thrive on.

The process of interviewing and selecting qualified candidates requires you to dedicate a lot of time to something which can be done relatively quickly. The smart solution: outsource IT and transform your business into a productive powerhouse that gets things done.

3. Keep in touch with new technologies and improve service quality.

As we live in an ever-evolving technological world, it can be very exhausting for businesses trying to stay in the tech loop. IT specialists do this for a living: it is their job to learn about emerging tech products and services and to bring them to your doorstep.

They have years of experience with IT products and services and have addressed the IT needs of hundreds upon thousands of clients. Don’t let your company lag behind competitors due to an un-supportive IT infrastructure. Allow yourself to be introduced to new developments in the IT industry, developments which you can invest in to improve service quality and enhance cyber security.

4. Outsourcing IT means more money to promote your business.

The fact is that the primary reason that companies outsource a part of their business is to save money. Outsourcing has been proven to lower administrative expenses while surging operational income.

Insourcing IT can string along a great deal of mediocre expenses for your company. It requires you to vet lone technicians with a track record you can never be sure of.

Outsourcing to a firm that specializes in the service you desire produces a better return on your investment and ensures that your IT needs are being handled by quality specialists. This practice can reserve funds for more central business functions and services, and can allow your company to grow in its respective industry.

To all up-and-coming entrepreneurs (and even long-standing successful business owners), here is research-proven advice to grow your business: outsource your IT needs and redirect your focus to core-services and products. Outsourcing puts your company’s IT (essentially your company’s infrastructure) in the hands of highly-skilled and experienced specialists who will bring to your company the latest and greatest in the tech industry. You will be ahead of the game, all while saving yourself money and time!


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