Google Brings Exciting New Feature To Google Maps

Google formally announced its eager merge of two their very prominent features, Google Maps and Google Assistant. Now, when utilizing the map, you will be able to get hands free assistance without even the touch of a button! The new collaboration also allows you to share your location with friends, send you ETA, and respond to text messages, and even update your music.

TechGenYZ wrote, “In addition, and for the moment only for Android, the Assistant can read and respond to all your notifications of SMS messages, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Viber and Telegram, among others, while you are in your car or walking down the street.”

This feature is also merging with iPhone users, creating an iOS version that will be compatible with Apple products. It was also added that, “In November 2018, the Google Assistant app for iOS was updated allowing users to add Siri shortcuts with which they can control the Google AI and use the assistant without even touching the iPhone or the iPad if you want to.”

A tool as convenient as this could keep users hands free and living the life of convenience with their technology.



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