Google Quickly Acts After Search Engine Error

In lieu of the recent scamming attacks on Apple, Google was forced to dig deeper into their site and verify links that, at one point, were enhancing the scammers publicity. By purchasing ad space directly through google while posing as Apple, these individuals were able to gain traffic from unsuspecting users when their misleading link served as the tech companies.

“For instance, the first result in a recent Google search for the phrase ‘Apple tech support’ showed a link to and a toll-free number, with the suggestion: ‘Get instant help from our experts.’ The Journal found that the phone number didn’t belong to Apple and instead led to a call center that engages in tech-support scams,” the Wall Street Journal explained.

Google director David Graff took to their website to promise users, “Today, we’re taking another step. We’ve seen a rise in misleading ad experiences stemming from third-party technical support providers and have decided to begin restricting ads in this category globally.”


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