How Technology Impacts Our Lives in the Long Term

Technology, as we know it today, has become a natural part of our lives. We use our smart devices to wake up, schedule our days, manage our projects, track our progress, and connect with people from all over the world.

In addition to that, technology is now taking over different fields, from business to healthcare, insurance, and even cooking.

We can all agree that technology brings us many benefits that make our days go smoother, by helping us track our tasks or reminding us of our appointments, for instance.

However, no one can deny the damaging effects it can have on us mentally, physically and emotionally, when we overuse it.

One of the main negative long-term impacts technology can have on our lives is isolation. With the ceaseless evolution of the digital realm, such as social media and online gaming, we find ourselves spending more time on the virtual universe, rather than interacting with people around us.

Other than that, a technology-filled world can also lead us to more dependency. In fact, we may even fail to perform most of our tasks when one of our devices breaks down.

Do we really need technology, even though it produces such effects? Yes.

Moreover, we can make the benefits of technology outweigh its negative effects, simply by learning how to use it properly and making sure to keep the balance between the virtual universe technology offers us, and the real world we live in.

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