How to Keep Hackers at Bay Using Penetration Testing

There are countless threats a business faces during these times. Keeping track of the businesses’ weaknesses and making systems safe and secure is difficult. There are specific techniques that make sure your systems are secure. Penetration Testing is one of the methods that allow you to identify security weaknesses.

When your business lacks security, the chances of it being attacked and exploited by a third party are very high. It is advised to keep your systems in check and free from any such weaknesses.

The methodology of pen testing works in a way that you assign network professionals, which pretend to be a hacker. They test all the possible ways that your business could be hacked. This is called ethical hacking, where you are taking measures to see the level of security that your system has. There are specific methodologies that are followed when attempting a penetration test.

Repeated Testing

Pen tests are not a one-time examination; these tests are conducted yearly, over long periods, to ensure security and to find out new possibilities of breaches. The frequency also depends on the size of the organizations. Large-scale businesses are more prone to being attacked by hackers, as opposed to small-scale ones. So, the frequency of pen tests for large-scale businesses should be increased.


Automated tools are used to carry out pen tests. They are programmed to detect any malicious activity that could lead to a possible breach in the system. Data encryption techniques are examined to verify security weaknesses in the system.

These tools are easy to deploy, and they should be able to scan a system with ease. Metasploit Project verifies vulnerabilities, and Wireshark, profiles network’s traffic, are two of the many tools used for pen-testing.

Strategic Pen tests

To achieve a practical result of these tests, a parameter for them should be put in place. This parameter is usually a part of the scope of the pen test. Not every test is required to have a broad scope, where everything is analyzed. Testing with a specific scope in place would allow the testers to find out security failures easily.

It helps organizations in updating and modifying their applications and infrastructures according to the result of the tests. It is essential to run these tests if additions to the structure or system of the business are made.

5 Stages of a Pen Test

  1. The test is planned, and objectives are set. This includes the scope and parameters for testing.
  2. Scanning tools are put in action to verify the weaknesses of the system.
  3. An attempt is made to uncover the targets, vulnerabilities and security risks, to gain access to the system.
  4. Applications are used to see if access can be maintained.
  5. Data is analyzed, and a report is made with details of the assessment.

Penetration testing can help you make sure that you leave no means for third party attacks in your network systems. It helps in strengthening system networks and assessing your organization’s vulnerabilities.

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