How To Protect Your Company And Stop Phishing Emails Immediately

With phishing scams on the rise, it’s crucial that you approach all steps needed to protect your company and secure personal information. Phishing emails can come from a variety of seemingly reputable sources that attempt to elicit personal information and credit card numbers for their own personal gain.

Fortunately, there is preventative measures you can take to better preserve your success and hopefully ward off these phishing attempts.

Proper training is imperative to eliminate the opening of scamming emails, urging companies to sit down with their employees and help identify the key components that identify a scam. Emails requesting personal informations and bank details are almost guaranteed to be a potential hack that could corrupt your entity. Additionally, grammar errors and choppy writing are also key indicators. If you feel the link provided in the email is suspicious, you can use your desktop mouse to hover over the link to establish its origin. This can also be done on a mobile phone by pressing down on the link and holding your position until a banner pops up with the full link, as well. Finally, the most full-proof way to protect yourself is to simply not open the link and send the email to a specialist.

For further coverage, ensure that your passwords are strong and unconventional. The most difficult the password you craft, the more difficult time a hacker will have attempting to retrieve it. Stray from the predictable “Password” option and definitely think twice before using your birthday. While storing passwords in your database can be convenient and effective for login,  it also means that your many passwords are obtainable in the occurrence of a database breach. This is why cybersecurity is strongly encouraged and can often be the difference between a swift recovery and losing everything.

Focus on your core business and sleep well knowing your company data and assets are protected and secure for only a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time security team. Visit CyNexLink to better determine what coverage is best for you.

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