We support any type of network

If you have computer users on a network – cloud, on premise or hybrid – we can Build, Manage and Secure your IT environment.

Industries we serve:


Real Estate &
Financial Services

  • FINRA email retention requirements
  • Verifiable cybersecurity practices for regulator audit readiness
  • Ongoing cybersecurity training to foster a culture of compliance


  • HIPAA data protection requirements
  • Vulnerability scans and pen testing to ensure security of patient data
  • SD-WAN and other powerful network solutions to unite multiple offices

and Defense

  • CMMC prep, implementation and ongoing compliance
  • Data handling requirements under ITAR
  • Cost-conscious solutions for smaller sub-contractors

Construction and Civil

  • Large files that need to be shared or accessed with frequency and speed
  • Sensitive data protection and compliance
  • Network connectivity for short- and long-term work sites that come and go
  • Ease of use for a tech-constrained workforce

Saas &
Hi-Growth Tech

  • Flexible network architecture to support rapid growth
  • Security for a fully or partially remote workforce
  • SOC2 readiness and compliance solutions

Small Office

  • Powerful yet simple cybersecurity solutions and training
  • Cost-effective VOIP phone solutions, supported directly by our team
  • The same highly personal tech support enjoyed by our bigger clients

Learn how Cynexlink can Build IT, Manage IT and Secure IT for your business or organization