Is Cloud Security Crucial?

While the cloud has proven itself to be an incredibly useful tool for both business and personal use, it goes without saying that a heavily relied on entity should be equipped with even heavier security measures.

It’s a common misconception that since the cloud is not necessarily a tangible source it can’t be hacked or breached. This is extremely false. Clouds are just as susceptible to attacks as any server with a location would be. Ensuring that your cloud is as secure as possible is a necessary step that many overlook or assume is irrelevant to their computing endeavors.

In addition to using complex passwords to secure your cloud, it is also recommended that you entertain the idea of utilizing MFA (multifactor authentication). MFA requires multiple sources of confirmation before granting access. Examples of these include a secret PIN, a verification text, or an email link that instantly allows you to access your domain through a deep link.

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