July 27th Cybersecurity Live Event: Register Here

Why whine about cyber attacks when we can discuss cybersecurity and taste fine wine?

In a casual, cocktail-hour setting, we will provide a holistic view of what the blanket term “cybersecurity” actually means and will help explain why breaches still happen. We will also provide a look inside the Overwatch Security Operations Center (SOC), showing how our trusted partner actively monitors and defends client networks against malicious activity.

Along the way, enjoy a full tasting of top-rated wines from the illustrious Paso Robles winery, Denner Vineyards. Their acclaimed winemaker will even be on-hand to take us through this journey! Event Details:

Date: July 27
Time: 4:30 – 6:30pm
Address: 234 E 17th Street, Suite 117, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Venue: Parlour 17

Register here:


  • Dave Barton, CTO at High Wire Networks
  • Anthony Yount, Winemaker at Denner Vineyards

Host: Chip Hanlon, Cynexlink Director of Sales

Firewalls, antivirus, email spam protection, identity access management, etc. Organizations get breached because they often don’t understand which portions of their network such tools protect and which ones they don’t.

For non-technical business leaders, we will clarify all the layers of cyber coverage so you can understand the breadth and depth required to protect your network assets, users, cloud data, applications and more.

For more technical attendees, our featured co-hosts for the evening will provide a deep look into their live Overwatch SOC, active threat hunting, access management and more. We’re confident you will enjoy seeing how the live, U.S.-based cybersecurity agents from High Wire Networks protect our clients 24/7/365 from their AI-driven security operations center.

Who should attend?

  • Non-technical business leaders needing to understand a top-down view of how and why gaps may still exist in their network environment – and how to close them!
  • IT leaders who would like a technical look into how the Overwatch SOC operates, how real-time threats are recognized and how suspicious activity is blocked and/or quarantined.
  • Companies with 50-500 employees that need to enhance their cybersecurity posture or perhaps even upgrade the management of their entire network environment.

Due to the nature of the event, space is firmly limited. REGISTER TODAY!

P.S. Did we mention the wines?

Just last week, Vinous gave these Denner wines the following ratings:

2019 Dirt Worshipper- 97 points
2019 Ditch Digger – 96 points
2019 Cirrus – 96 points
2019 Mother of Exiles – 96 points
2019 Gold Digger – 95 points
2019 Theresa – 93 points

…and yes, a majority of these wines will be part of our tasting. Join us!

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