Apple Addresses Major Upset With New iPad Pro

The 2018 iPad has stirred up quite the controversy with Apple users, as its slick design is anything but and has caused consumers quite the hassle. It seems that the product can be easily bent with a bit of pressure, leaving owners with a less than adequate product.

Apple took to their site to address the features of the iPad and explain the durability. “To provide optimal cellular performance, small vertical bands or “splits” in the sides of the iPad allow parts of the enclosure to function as cellular antennas. For the first time ever on an iPad, these bands are manufactured using a process called co-molding… These small variances do not affect the strength of the enclosure or the function of the product and will not change over time through normal use.,” they wrote.

However, it seems the sleek design has been anything but convenient for users. Apple added, “If you believe your new iPad Pro does not meet the specifications described in this article, please contact Apple Support. Apple offers a 14-day return policy for products purchased directly from Apple.” 

While the company stands by their product, they urge any users with difficulties to contact their support line and remedy the issue.

Vanessa Kash