Apple Potentially Switching Things Up With Foldable Screen Design

Projected to launch in 2020, Apple is working diligently to craft a foldable iPhone with a concept that could be deemed a game-changer in the world of smartphones. Rumor has it that the tech mogul is opting for a continuous screen that reaches beyond the phone’s surface and folds entirely around the edges of the device.

The foldable display has been an in-the-making concept of Apple’s seeing that the corporation received their patent for the future product in 2013.

Samsung snagged the competitive edge when it was understood that they anticipated a 2019 launch for a similar product, beating Apple’s prospective 2020 release and prompting their consumers to line up for the upcoming event. “Compared to the wrap-around display phone — which Apple seems to be looking into as one possible design for its foldable model — Casalegno said Samsung’s in-folding display phone could provide better experiences for users in terms of design,” Federico Casalegno, head of Samsung Design Innovation Center, explained to The Korean Herald.

With the year kicking off, users are eager to see what Apple will bring forth.

Vanessa Kash