Apple Promptly Disables Group FaceTime Due To Significant Malfunction

Apple scrambled to disable their group FaceTime feature after a crucial malfunction allowed users to eavesdrop on others. The bug allowed audio to be heard from Apple product holders even without the incoming call being answered. It is also reported that, in certain occurrences, a user was able to be seen by the incoming party prior to answering the FaceTime.

The Guardian confirmed this error by conducting a video chat attempt of their own. “If the recipient of the call pressed the power button on the side of the iPhone – an action typically used to silence or ignore an incoming call – their phone would begin broadcasting video to the initial caller,” they explained.

“Group FaceTime is temporarily unavailable,Apple wrote on their support page, indicating that this is still an ongoing issue and has yet to be resolved.

The company’s next software update is expected to be released later this week and is said to contain a permanent fix to this dilemma. However, users still have the option of disabling their device’s FaceTime capability by visiting their settings icon.

Vanessa Kash