Police Arrest Shocking Number Of Tech Scammers Pretending To Be Affiliated With Major Companies

The police force has utilized these past two months to crack down on international crimes that directly scam unsuspecting tech users with misrepresentation and false spyware issues. New Delhi police officers arrested a whopping “63 suspects in the last two months working and operating 26 call centers that were engaging in tech support scams, posing as tech support staff at Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other major tech companies,” ZD Net reported.

The raids, initiated in October of 2018, targeted over 25 call centers and made numerous arrests. Microsoft disclosed that they had received over 7,000 reports from their users who fell victim to the crimes, paying the scammers a value ranging from $100 to $500.

“This latest raid comes just six weeks after the successful raid operation by the Delhi Cyber Crime Cell of 10 call center locations resulting in the arrest of 24 individuals and the seizure of substantial evidence including call scripts, live chats, voice call recordings and customer records from tech support fraud operations,” Microsoft said in a recent blog post.

While the arrests continue to be current, the scamming complaints date back from as far as 2014.

Vanessa Kash