Simple Tips To Protect Your Data

With security breaches and phishing on the rise, we at Cynexlink feel it’s important to educate users on preventative measures they can take from home to lessen the likeliness of a cyber attack.

First and foremost, ensure that your passwords emulate phrases with a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. For in-depth tips on crafting an ironclad password, visit our article giving a step by step guide for extra protection.

Once your password is nice and complex, make sure your software and servers are up to date and have the latest installments. Although a tedious task with verbiage that potentially requires a degrees to comprehend, this updating tactic could be the difference between a secure server or a compromised company. Take the extra time for updates and avoid falling down the slippery slope of “Remind Me Tomorrow”.

Another tactic used to add an extra layer of cyber protection is to enable two-factor authentication. This requires a secondary method of confirmation beyond a username and password. Common methods can include a secret PIN, a text message verification, or a confirmation email. While this may seem like a lengthy precaution to take, nothing is too extensive to ensure data protection.

Finally, always back up your data! In the occurrence that your hard drive is compromised, backing up your information to a cloud or storage unit will allow for easier data recovery.

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Vanessa Kash