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CyNexLink Blog   •   August 15, 2017


Managed IT services for the first time appear irreplaceable. Today no business can take a slight or insignificant glance at the strength of its IT systems, and in no other time has business been so dependent on technology.

In previous times, perhaps ten or more years ago, managed IT services – the idea of a team of professional-grade preventative and prescriptive technologists monitoring a medium sized business’ IT infrastructure – was impossible. The cost associated with such work was far too steep for the average small or medium size business to contend with.

The only work performed on IT was break-fix and point-end jobs. Some piece of technology malfunctioned or did not perform the way it was supposed to, and a technician arrived on site for a repair. Today, the relationship between business and technology has graduated to a much higher standard to support much higher demands.

In the early and late 2000s, when managed services in IT really came into its own as a robust and holistic product, only enterprise level companies could afford to hire a professional team which not only fixed broken tech, but monitored and tracked its health in order to prevent larger scale malfunctions.

Today, with the rapid advancement in technology and the revolutionary vertical in software capacity, the reality and responsibility of the IT landscape for small and medium sized businesses has changed. Today even small businesses must bet on their desktops, networks, data, and wireless modalities working properly everyday.

The risk of losing company data, halting work for a client, and disrupting employee work flow, is increasingly hazardous for any size business.

If your email server, customer relationship management system, financial application or network goes down, any business, no matter the size, will likely face substantial productivity and revenue losses as a result.

The break-fix mentality of old is now seen as seriously deficient in light of the comprehensive tracking software on offer by managed service providers. RMM, or remote monitoring and management is the new gold standard for handling IT in business.

Waiting for something to go wrong before you hire an IT professional is wasteful, risky, and the downtime from work is financially unjustifiable.

Are you concerned with pricing? Don’t be. A basic managed service package for small to medium sized businesses today can very easily cost less than a break-fix job. The prevention of future crashes and disabilities in your network system is much more efficient than a similar break-fix company that is constantly charged to drive distances to work on site.

Managed services offers a more sound, efficient, streamlined, quick, and reliable way of detecting and executing on your business’ IT infrastructure.

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