Microsoft Survey Reveals Tech Support Scams Are On The Rise

A recent survey from Microsoft confirmed tech users’ worse fears when it was revealed that scammers and suspicious activity are on the rise. Fortunately, it seems that consumers are becoming more aware of the key signs to identifying an attacker and deflecting the attempt.

The scams, taking form in a variety of ways to include emails, phone calls, or unsolicited pop ups, urge the user to seek immediate assistance through their agency and pay them for the occurrence. The scammers pose as big name companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, to ease the victim’s concern and believe that they are speaking to a genuine representative.

According to their website, “Each month, Microsoft receives about 11,000 complaints from people across the globe who have been the victim of a tech support scam with fraudsters pretending to be from reputable tech companies, including Microsoft, Dell and Apple.”

Users are strongly encouraged to utilized pop-up ad blockers as an extra step of protection to divert any possible attacks and keep you and your devices out of trouble.

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