Security Researchers Plot Comical Payback On Tech Scammers

In view of the increase in tech scamming, one of the largest security research companies is suiting up for a night of instant karma. The online community known as The Many Hats has locking in their event on January 22nd and intends to beat scam operators at their own game with a bigger goal in mind than just sheer laughs.

In an interview with ZDNet, Stuart Peck, the community’s founder, touched more on the event and broke down the reasoning behind their efforts.  “Although they are fun and highly entertaining, we want to disrupt the operations, gather as much intel as we can, and then take offline to do some OSINT [open source intelligence] research, and provide this where possible to the relevant agencies,” the he said.

Peck went on to explain that, formerly, their dialogue elicited premium information from an operator, including where he worked and how he was recruited into the scammer community.

Fortunately, there’s an opportunity for users such as yourselves to aid in the mission. Anyone who has experienced scams such as these is encouraged to share the contact information of the agency on the The Many Hats Club twitter page to broaden the efforts and target as many scammers as possible. There will also be a livestream available at this link.

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