Social Engineer Hacker : Most Common Social Engineering Techniques !

Who is a Social Engineer Hacker?

Social Engineer Hacker can be described as anyone (or anything) that gains unauthorized or unapproved access to data, information or systems to commit fraud, network invasion, identity theft and so on.

In today’s business world, with technology taking center stage, the security of data (which involves that of the customers, employees, and employers) is as important as the sustainability of the business itself.
As such, it is important to protect and guard accessibility to this data with all diligence.

These kinds of threats come from individuals who are fancily referred to Social Engineer Hackers or ‘hackers’ for short.

This may not necessarily be a criminal act but can be done professionally by security experts, whose job is to assess and improve the security practice of such business, also known as Ethical Hacking.

Most Common Social Engineering Techniques: 

  • Dumpster diving:

Dumpster diving includes searching through trash or waste, phone lists, the company’s chart or calendar to find useful information like access codes or passwords. The information is targeted at giving access to a particular network.

Dumpster diving hacking

  • Phishing:

This is the most common trick in the book that hackers use in gaining access to the network. It usually comes in as a form of a cloned email.
That is, a fake email address is made to look almost like the genuine one such that it takes a closer look to differentiate them.


  • Baiting:

Hacking often isn’t a day job, it takes some commitment from the hacker. Here, the hacker finds a way of dropping a thumb drive on the business premises, where an employee can pick it up thinking it belongs to a colleague.

When the thumb drive gets plugged in, your computer will get infected with malware. The online style of baiting could be in the form of an attractive ad or clicking on a link to get something apparently of use like anti-virus.


  • Impersonation:

Here, the hacker disguises as an authority over the phone demanding information via questions. This information obtained can be used in stealing your identity or get more personal information like your password, etc.


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