Stellar New Technology Could Expedite Airport Security

Travelers are surprisingly content with a new, technological proposal that would speed up airport security checks and potentially serve as a safer alternative to the current state of TSA. In a poll conducted by the Center For Data Innovation, more than 3,100 participants responded to an online survey in regards to their disposition on whether airlines should implement facial recognition during security briefings.

It seems that 44.9% were opposed to the idea that “[t]he government should strictly limit the use of facial-recognition technology.” However, when asked if they also felt that utilization of such technology should be limited even if it eliminated the hassle of airport security, a staggering 53.4% disagreed. According to PhocusWire, “About the same number also don’t want to limit facial-recognition usage when it is employed for public safety.”

The center’s director, Daniel Castro, explained, “People are often suspicious of new technologies, but in this case, they seem to have warmed up to facial-recognition technology quite quickly… Perhaps most importantly, Americans have made it clear they do not want regulations that limit the use of facial recognition if it comes at the cost of public safety.”

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