The Uptick in Cybercrime is Real; Take Action Now

Ransomware Computer Frustration

A couple weeks ago, a 4-person, home-based catering company in Irvine found Cynexlink online and called us for help after a ransomware attack.

They were too small for us to help (plus it was too late at that point, but we did provide a nice referral in an attempt to assist), but this instance is a great reminder that it isn’t just big companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Okta who have already been breached in 2022. Okta, by the way, is a cybersecurity-related authentication provider!

The bottom line: companies of ALL sizes are getting hit.

Yes, from what we’re seeing as we monitor client networks, the uptick in attempted cybercrime you’ve been reading about is real.

As you ponder that reality, also keep in mind that employees are an organization’s biggest threat surface.

If, like a lot of companies, you have considered cybersecurity and anti-phishing employee training but haven’t implemented a program yet, we strongly suggest that you stop putting it off.

To get started, just take a quick look at what a comprehensive cyber training program includes. Fill out the form below and we will gladly send you a two-page brochure outlining how powerful, yet simple and cost-effective, such a solution can be.

Really, just fill out this simple form and we’ll gladly send you an informational flyer strictly FYI.

Don’t wait any longer. Take some of the easiest, lowest-cost steps you can to protect your organization today.

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