The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Benefits

What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – allows users to make and receive calls over Local Area Networks (LANs) or the internet. Although VoIP has been around since the 1970s, it has soared in popularity in recent years due to the many advantages it offers over the traditional phone system.

Here are some of the top VoIP benefits everyone should know.

  • Lower Cost
  • Simplified Conferencing
  • Worldwide Access
  • Clear Voice Quality
  • Security 
  • Scalability 
  • Extensive Additional Feature

Now let’s Discuss these advantages in detail:

Lower costs:

A significant Benefit of VoIP service for businesses is that it can help your business save money. The initial setup and ongoing costs of operating a VoIP are far lower than that of operating a landline phone system (POTS). On average, a traditional phone system costs around $50 per line each month, and this figure is usually for local and domestic calls.

In contrast, a VoIP system is available for around $20, significantly cutting costs on domestic and international calls. It also helps eliminate other expenses such as up-front hardware purchases, repairs, and maintenance.

Simplified conferencing:

Another area in which VoIP benefits over traditional phone systems is conferencing. For instance, a traditional phone system can, of course, support conference calls but hidden costs may occur. VoIP eliminates such fees by including conference calls as an added advantage to the service you already paid for.

What’s more, it also improves video conferencing as you can transfer files while you participate in online presentations or meetings.

Worldwide access:

As the world continues to come to terms with the new trend of working from home, VoIP could help benefit your employees work remotely from anywhere in the world. With merely an average-speed data connection, your team can make and receive phone calls so you can stay productive regardless of the location.

And if that employee is temporarily unable to receive phone calls for any reason, calls can forward to a mobile phone, another person, or the voicemail can be received by email. Lesser mentioned VoIP benefits connected to this advantage is that your business will enjoy decreased utility costs as well as smaller office spaces.

Clearer voice quality:

One of the concerns of many business owners is the quality of calls using VoIP service. These concerns are not unfounded as poor call quality was one of the major disadvantages of VoIP as calls either ended abruptly for no reason or there was some level of distortion.

However, these issues no longer exist since we now have a fast and stable internet connection. Additionally, the VoIP telephone system offers HD voice that makes it nearly impossible for the person you are calling to tell whether you’re using VoIP or traditional landline.

Extensive additional features:

VoIP offers a range of beneficial features suitable for both small and big businesses. For small businesses, tools like auto-attendant and call transferring make it possible to project the image of a larger company.

In a similar vein, it can also help large businesses appear approachable since phone numbers with different area codes can be allotted to a company so that their customers can perceive them as local. Other notable features include call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID, and many more you might expect.


One of the key Benefit of VoIP is that it is very secure thanks to the standardized encryption protocols that make it impossible for a third party to intercept the calls – a feature that’s non-existent on the traditional phone system.


When it comes to any kind of technology, most businesses are concerned about the possibility of scaling up or down. With VoIP, you can scale your phone system in accordance with the needs of your business while remaining productive and keeping costs down.

The reason is obvious: you don’t need to make a budget for any hardware as you only pay for what you need. You can either add a new line or eliminate some lines instantly without worrying that the decision will take its toll on your business.

Advantages of VOIP

Conclusion: The advantages of VoIP in the modern business world are enormous and this is why many small and large businesses are now migrating from a conventional telephone system. If you are ready to explore VoIP benefits for your business, then your best option is to contact Cynexlink. Cynexlink provides all the features expected of a modern-day phone system for your business.


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