What is a Managed Service Provider and what do they offer?

What is an MSP?

A Managed Service Provider is an outsourced third-party vendor that assumes the day-to-day responsibility of a defined set of IT management services to its clients. It offers a computing framework platform that allows businesses to outsource the remote management of their IT infrastructure in order to focus on improving business operations. MSPs are usually retained via a monthly subscription model and are increasingly being engaged by small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments who are looking to boost productivity.

What do MSPs (Managed Service Provider) Offer?

• IT infrastructure management
• Software inventory management
• Cybersecurity hardening of network systems
• Helpdesk technical support
• Management of user accounts on client systems
• Fully managed hardware outsourcing
• Remote storage or servers
• Backup and disaster recovery
• Compliance with HIPAA, CMMC, SOC2 and other cybersecurity standards


How does MSP boosts productivity

How MSPs Can Boost Business Productivity?

A lot of enterprises have not been able to fully leverage the benefits that technological advancements offer. While they deploy some of the modern tools available, they are often not maximized to achieve optimal productivity. In other instances, they invest so much in technology that other parts of the business suffer. MSPs are essentially a team of professionals that take responsibility for a set of IT services. This means clients no longer need to worry about their IT-related issues. Here are some of the ways MSPs can boost business productivity.

Round-The-Clock Technical Support

This a key service that MSPs offer, which boosts business productivity. Broken down on-site servers or malfunctioning company software will hamper business processes and, ultimately, business productivity. MSPs provide timely maintenance and support services to businesses that have such issues to fix them either physically or remotely. They can also offer 24/7/365 IT infrastructure maintenance, which can cover network aspects like performance and predictive failures, system changes, and intrusion detection.

All-in-One System Updates

It is essential that businesses update their security solutions regularly. This saves them from cyber attacks on their IT systems. A skilled MSP will offer a great patching plan for all business applications, which ensures that no updates are missed. These patches are also executed in a manner that does not impede business processes. With a knowledgeable MSP, critical patches are installed immediately after testing, while those termed non-critical, are installed soon after. This allows the MSPs to figure the “which” and “when” of patch installation on a company’s IT system.

Managing Potential Risks

Managed Services Provider use state-of-the-art hardware, software, and analytics to predict IT problems before they happen. This way, businesses can take proactive measures to safeguard their enterprises against downtime. This singular service allows an experienced MSP to scale IT operations, improve work quality, and increase business productivity for its clients in the long run. All this can be achieved without business owners having to relinquish control of their IT systems. With the management and maintenance of their IT systems being done by MSPs, businesses can avoid potential risks that can disrupt their business processes.

Improved Business Continuity

Downtime is the bane of even the largest organizations because of the losses incurred when it happens. MSPs offer backup and recovery services that prepare businesses for these downtimes that occur as a result of natural or man-made disasters such as fires, earthquakes, and cyber-attacks. MSPs back key files on geo-redundant off-site data centres, which ensures that in the event that their on-site servers are destroyed, businesses can still access their files, without experiencing any downtime. This ensures that business productivity is constant even when the inevitable downtime occurs.

Effective IT consulting

Businesses have to stay ahead of their competition. Today’s increasingly digitized business landscape can make that challenge more or less difficult depending on how effectively IT solutions are applied. Organizations that deploy the right tech stacks are better suited to succeed than those which run on outdated business processes. MSPs offer technology solutions that ensure that your business remains productive in the face of ever-evolving technology trends. They also offer IT consulting, which ensures that businesses effect the right solutions based on seasoned, expert advice.

Finally, MSPs provide cloud hosting services that allow remote workers to access company data and applications from anywhere as long as they have an internet-connected device.

Since Managed Service Provider monitor cloud-based servers round the clock, employees can remain productive even while working from home, which is, of course, a high priority in today’s world.

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